API Testing

API Testing is an important step in the API Management lifecycle. Before rolling out an API to production you need an easy way to test your exposed APIs if they are behaving as expected or not. Testing the REST APIs is not a straight forward task as it lacks GUI. However, App42 API Gateway has a comprehensive test console for your REST APIs.

App42 API Gateway’s test console helps to test your APIs and verify the expected result as soon as you create them. Test Console is quite rich and it manages whatever headers and query parameters you provide while creating an API. You also get the option to add the value for headers and query parameters inside the console. It lists all your API operations with the HTTP method allowed and the option to add value of the parameters that were defined while API creation. Once you have provided all the required parameters and click on Try It Out, you immediately get the result on the same console.

With Test API and View Specs option, you can quickly test your API with all its configuration on the fly.

Steps to Test API:

  • 1.Go to Test API and View Specs Option
  • 2.Choose Project
  • 3.Click the API to expand its operations
  • 4.Click on the Operation which you want to test
  • 5.Click on Try it out! to hit the API Operation