Traffic Management

Since organizations want to keep their services secure, highly available and would like to prevent their services from DoS attacks so there might be a need to allow access to only certain geo locations. Also, organizations may want to charge differently based on the allowed service requests per second based on request execution time or on the basis of data to be sent to the server. App42 API Gateway enables you to put all such restrictions and provides the controls on its dashboard to configure the below mentioned settings in an easy manner:

  • 1.

    Burst Limit

    : You can put the restrictions of requests per second for a particular API Operation by providing the value for this field
  • 2.

    Whitelist IPs

    : Mention the list of IPs that you want to give your service access to
  • 3.

    Blacklist IPs

    : Mention the list of IPs that you want to block your service access to
  • 4.

    Request Timeout

    : Set the time in milliseconds for which you want to allow to execute requests on your server (by default request timeout set as 5 seconds)
  • 5.

    Request Size

    : You can restrict the request size in KB

Note: You can provide the list of Whitelist or Blacklist IPs either as comma separated values or the complete subnet details.

Steps to Create API Traffic Policy:

  • 1.Go to Policies -> Traffic -> Click on Create Policy
  • 2.Provide the below information (at least one of the below):
    • a.Traffic Policy Name, Burst Limit
    • b.Whitelist IPs or IP Pools (comma separated)
    • c.Blacklist IPs or IP Pools (comma separated)
    • d.Request Timeout (in ms)
    • e.Request Size (in KB)
  • 3.Click on Create
  • 4.You can see your Traffic Policy on the Traffic Policy page