Create & Attach Rules

Upload Rules Jar

Steps to Upload Rules Jar:

  • 1.Go to Rules -> Upload Jar
  • 2.Choose the Jar file and click on Upload

Manage Rules

Steps to Manage/Create Rules

  • 1.Go to Rules -> Manage -> Click on Create Rule
  • 2. Provide rule name
  • 3.Select Methods
  • 4.Provide Condition on which you want to apply this rule(optional)
  • 5.Select Jar file for the rule which you must have uploaded
  • 6.Select rule type as Pre or Post
  • 7.Select the Executor class for the rule which is present in your jar file
  • 8.Click on Submit to create the rule
  • 9.Similarly you can create Post Rules also.

Attach Rules

Steps to Attach Rules to APIs:

  • 1.Go to Rules -> Attach
  • 2.Select Project and API
  • 3.Select Pre Rules and Post Rules which you want to attach to the API
  • 4.Click on Submit to attach the rule to the API