Getting Started

Signing Up

The first step in order to use App42 API Gateway is to get yourself registered with ShepHertz App42 Platform. It takes not more than a few seconds to sign up for a new account and quickly get started with the management console. If you are already registered with the platform through other products like App42 PaaS, AppWarp, App42 Cloud API or App42 MA then simply login.

Here are two easy steps:

  • 1.Click here to get directed to GatewayHQ where you can create a new account
  • 2. You may also sign up using a valid Facebook or GitHub account

Creating First Project

Once you have signed up and logged into App42 API Gateway Console, the first and foremost step is to create a Project. Project allows versioning of APIs and you also need one to create an API.

Note – Project is basically an entity that contains APIs. It provides a way to version your APIs. Project is the core of the API Structure that contains all your APIs and its associated operations.

Steps to create project:

  • 1.Go to Projects -> Manage -> Create Project
  • 2.Click on Create Project provide Name, Version and Description (optional) for the Project and the Project will be created.
  • 3.Click on Copy Project and use Project as a template
  • 4.Provide Project name, version and click on submit to complete the process