SDK Generation

REST APIs can be consumed in multiple ways. One, the API consumer can make a REST call directly to the API and get the result. This approach leaves a lot of work to be done on the consumer side to implement the REST connectivity to the server for each and every technology. The other way is to integrate the SDK and just call the method inside that SDK to connect to the REST API and get the result. Integrating an SDK is an easy way for a developer to connect and consume those REST APIs. That means API provider will have to provide SDK for each and every technology so that REST APIs could be used by any device. Writing SDK by self for all the technologies is not a viable solution.

App42 API Gateway lets you generate SDK in multiple languages by just selecting the APIs and choosing the platform for which you require to generate. You don’t need to generate SDK for the complete project, instead you can add only those APIs for which you have given access to IAM user.

TIP: To make the SDK lightweight for IAM user, include only those APIs for which you have given access to IAM user.

Steps to Generate SDKs for APIs:

  • 1.Go to Generate Code
  • 2.Select Project
  • 3.Select APIs for which you want to generate the SDK
  • 4.Select the Platform (either Java/Android/Objective-C)
  • 5.Provide the package name for your SDK (this package name will be present in the generated SDK)

    Note: Make sure the package is in the form of com.shephertz.demo

  • 6.Click on Generate
  • 7.You will be prompted to save the SDK
  • 8.Once your SDK is downloaded, you can see your API files present in the package that you specified while generating the SDK. These files will have methods for each operation present in the API