App42 API Gateway enables you to configure certain settings, like, if you want to enable authentication for your APIs, or if you have to decide the price for your APIs. You can also change the API Operation state (on/off).

If you would like your backend system to withstand high traffic, you can prevent it from getting overburdened by enabling Cache for that particular API and set the TTL from settings.

API Settings

App42 API Gateway helps you manage your API using API Settings. With this you can provide price for each API request for individual API operations. Along with this you can also enable/disable API Operation state, attach Authentication policy, attach traffic policy and also you can enable cache with TTL (in sec).

Steps to change the API settings:

  • 1.Go to APIs -> Settings
  • 2.Select the Project and the API Operation for which you want to change the settings. You can select multiple operations and apply the settings on all of them at once and you can edit individual Operations as well.
  • 3.Select & provide the settings which you want to apply
  • 4.Click on Submit to enable the settings

Account Settings

In Account Settings you can see the email ID you are registered from, your membership type and the date you started your account in App42 API Gateway.